Sunday, February 10, 2019

Evangelical Pastor: Immigration is Biblical

Eric Costanzo, lead pastor at South Tulsa Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, writes:

. . .

It pains me that so many people, even church people, form their opinions about immigrants from salacious headlines and social media shares. To put it plainly: While I cannot say for sure how often people pray and read their Bibles during the week, I can say with confidence that most are inundated with content from their preferred media outlets all day, every day.

As a pastor, I have no ties to any political party, politician, bureaucrat or potential candidate for office. For me, immigration is a Biblical issue. Our foreign-born congregants are human beings made in the image of God – not a political problem to be solved.

I believe the majority of people in our congregation would say the same. They go out of their way to serve, welcome and include our international neighbors. My prayer is that our church will continue to move from “us” and “them” to just “us.” Read more...


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