Wednesday, February 27, 2019

California's AG Releases Report on Immigration Detention

Xavier Becerra via Twitter

Yesterday, California's Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, released a report on immigration detention in California.

The report comes out of a law passed in June 2017 charging the California Department of Justice with reviewing civil immigration detention and reporting back to the Legislature, Governor, and the public about those findings.

Officials from the California DOJ visited all 10 civil immigration detention facilities in the state--public and private. They engaged in a "comprehensive review" of three of those facilities, including a center for minors.

The report found common issues among the facilities:

  • Restrictions on liberty
  • Language barriers
  • Issues with access to medical and mental health care
  • Obstacles to Contacting Family and Other Support Systems
  • Barriers to Adequate Representation

I just finished covering immigration detention in my Crimmigration course. But I am flagging this report to use next year!


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