Thursday, January 10, 2019

Jason Cade, from the Collateral Consequences Research Center: Pardons for Immigrants



Jason Cade writes on the Collateral Consequences Research Center blog on "the legal and theoretical framework that supports a role for state pardons in the immigration context," and also argues "for a more generous use of the pardon power in principled and transparent ways." 

Cade concludes in the post that "especially today, when federal enforcement policy has taken a sharp turn towards a less nuanced and more draconian direction, governors should take seriously the responsibility given to them by the immigration code to be the ultimate arbiters of whether a state conviction should result in deportation, as Governors Brown and Cuomo evidently have. The widespread use of the pardon power in principled and transparent ways would spare many individuals and families from unjustified hardship, recognize the time-honored role of state law in immigration determinations, and promote competing norms of justice and empathy in the national dialogue about appropriate immigration enforcement policy."  More of Cade's work on immigration pardons can be found in his articleDeporting the Pardoned, 46 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 355 (2012).


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