Thursday, November 15, 2018

Refugee comics? Personal stories of forced migration illustrated in a powerful new way

Emma Parker on The Conversation introduces the reader to a flurry of comics have begun to tell the individual stories of refugees and migrants. Responding to the media coverage of border crossings and refugees during 2015 and 2016, they explore personal journeys, experiences of detention and attempts to make new lives in strange lands.

Parker writes:

"From the New York Times’ Pulitzer-winning Welcome to the New World by Jake Halpern and Michael Sloan, to Threads From the Refugee Crisis by Kate Evans, a growing number of artists and journalists are using graphic stories to share real-life experiences of migration. Reflecting this growing interest in graphic reportage, the House of Illustration in London opened a new exhibition in November, Journeys Drawn: Illustrations from the Refugee Crisis, showcasing 40 original works foregrounding the firsthand experiences of refugees and displaced peoples."


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