Thursday, November 29, 2018

Craig Mousin: Debating Immigration Law in the Midst of Exile


Earlier this year, Craig Mousin (DePaul) delivered the 2018 Sister Mary Schmidt, S.C. Lecture at Seton Hill University, entitled “Debating Immigration Law In the Midst of Exile.”  The lecture re-examines Catholic Social Thought (CST) and the biblical narrative to provide new responses to immigration law’s treatment of  refugees and immigrants. After reviewing United States immigration law in the light of the biblical narrative and Catholic Social Thought, Mousin argues that both CST and the biblical narrative undermine the use of deportation and private detention as a state remedies to unauthorized immigration or as a deterrent to asylum applicants. Through understanding the biblical narrative within its context of exile, the lecture urges people of faith to work towards eliminating deportation and private detention in the century ahead.  



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