Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Photos of the Central American Immigrant Caravan

The Central American "caravan" is all over the news.  The Atlantic has a collection of great pictures




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It has come to my attention that the Japanese have a dire need for an immediate influx of unskilled labor. After having lived in Japan many years ago I can attest to the fact that it is one of the most homogeneous populations in the world, and they would like it to stay that way as much as possible. Therefore, it is a significant consideration for Japan to import foreign workers. The Japanese will be very careful to select those that will most easily assimilate into the homogenous population.

There is a huge synergy between what Japan needs and what Central American refugees are looking for. The refugees want a safe place to live and raise their families and Japan fulfills their needs perfectly. Japan is looking for additional unskilled labor, and in turn, Central American refugees fulfill their needs perfectly.
The following is and important fact.; if the United States opens its gates to Central American refugees, it would be overwhelmed by a massive and on-going influx of refugees who can simply walk to the US border. Obviously, you can't walk across the Pacific Ocean. So in contrast, this would give the Japanese the ability to maintain 100% control over the influx of its importation of Central American refugees.

This would create a win-win situation.
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