Friday, September 21, 2018

The President's Nevada Stump Speech

President Trump delivered a stump speech in Las Vegas last night. Here's the video (his remarks start at 39:20):

Don't feel like watching the whole thing? CNN has a rundown of the 35 most mind-blowing lines. Of interest to immprofs might be the following:

  • "The new platform of the Democrat Party is radical socialism and open borders."
  • "I won't allow the United States of America to become the next Venezuela. That's what they want to do."
  • "I'm not thrilled, but after the election, they're all telling me were getting our wall the way we want it, so let's see what happens. Let's see what happens. Let's see if they produce."
  • "I could knock it out, because I do that well. That's what I do well. I build. We could knock that wall out in one year if they gave us the funds."


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