Thursday, September 20, 2018

Removal Defense Skills Workshop (El Paso) October 6, 2018

El Paso by Eric E. Johnson

I already have plans for October 6 (see you at SALT maybe?) but I would otherwise be standing in line for this amazing CLE: a Removal Defense Skills Workshop. It's being offered by the Immigration Justice Campaign, which is a joint initiative of AILA and the American Immigration Council, started in early 2017 to mobilize more attorneys to fight for due process for non-citizens, with a special focus on detainees.

The CLE is "aimed at teaching newer removal practitioners how to be 'fearless lawyers' in immigration court. There are three sections, on bond, pleadings, and contested hearings. We have 6 expert faculty, and a student:faculty ratio of 4:1. There are mock hearings with debriefs afterwards." As a professor of immigration law and trial advocacy I coudln't be more excited.

Here's hoping it's offered again soon (might I suggest in Dallas?). I'm in!


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