Monday, September 10, 2018

Deported for Racism?

Kenyan Masai Mara National Reserve, photo by Wajahat Mahmood

A Chinese man working as a motorcycle trader in Kenya, Liu Jiaqi, was caught on camera saying the African country "smells bad" and its people are "poor, foolish and black". He went on to say that "all the Kenyans" are "like a monkey," including the nation's president. Unfortunately for him, this racist rant went viral.

As the BBC reports, Kenyan authorities announced on Twitter that Liu Jiaqi had been "arrested due to his RACISM remarks" and "has been DEPORTED."

I think it's nice to include some comparative law when talking about deportability grounds. It's an opportunity to say "we've talked about what behavior in the United States may trigger deportation; other countries around the world may have different ideas regarding deportability." This Kenyan example is a good one.

My all time favorite comparative example, and one I end on every year, is the removal of Omar Borkan Al Gala from Saudi Arabia. The man was just too hot!


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