Sunday, July 8, 2018

Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy Could Lead to the Imprisonment of Hundreds of Thousands of Immigrants by the End of 2018


A rapidly deployed critical data & visualization intervention in the USA’s 2018 “Zero Tolerance Policy” for asylum seekers at the US Ports of Entry and the humanitarian crisis that has followed.

Elliott Young, author of the book Alien Nation (2014),  on the History News Network analyze the meaning of President Trump's immigrant detention policy.  He writes that "The above Torn Apart map of private and state migrant detention facilities across the country shows that we have become a nation of immigrant prisons rather than a nation of immigrants. Prison and jail populations have declined over the last decade, but that progress threatens to be reversed by Trump’s immigration detention policy.

Trump’s zero-tolerance policy for all unauthorized border crossers will fill our prisons, clog our courtrooms and lead to the building of new mass detention camps."



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