Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Human Impacts of President Trump's Family Separation Policy


Katie Annand works as an attorney with Kids in Need of Defense, or KIND, which is devoted to working with unaccompanied immigrant children. Writing for VOX, she states that "I hear firsthand stories that illustrate the severe impact of family separation on children; to say they are terrorized and completely devastated is an understatement. This new terror is compounded by the trauma already experienced by these children — the violence, persecution, and other harm they faced in their home country that caused them to seek protection in the US in the first place."  Annand concludes:

 "The current policy of separating families criminalizes parents who are seeking safety for their children. Every day, more vulnerable children are taken from their parents. The impact on the children is lifelong, and unless we immediately end this ruthless policy, the stain on the United States may be permanent."


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