Friday, June 8, 2018

The Human Costs of World-Wide Sporting Events


Thomson Reuters reported that worldwide sporting events have a high – and often hidden – human cost in terms of forced labor and modern slavery:   

" The enormous amount of groundwork a host country must do to prepare for hosting the World Cup is an undertaking of daunting magnitude. Unfortunately, for modern-era World Cups, building venues and preparing cities for the deluge of fans has been accomplished with a dark and shameful resource: Exploited human beings.

The perception exists that major sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics attract huge numbers of sex workers. This is true to some extent, but not to the degree many people believe. Less widely known is the exploitation of migrant workers and the use of forced labor."

The story summarizes how human trafficking played out, or is playing out, for 2006 host Germany, 2018 host Russia and 2022 host Qatar.


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