Monday, June 11, 2018

Immigration Raids Worry Some Employers


The Bush administration conducted immigration raids, with the raid at a poultry processing plant in Postville, Iowa in 2008 a fampus example. The Obama administration moved away from workplace raids as an immigration enforcement tool.  The Trump administration has returned to raids as part of "zero tolerance" immigration enforcement.  Jon Seewer of the Associated Press reports on the impacts of a raid last week in Ohio.

"Aleady facing a severe labor shortage, landscaping businesses that can’t keep up with booming demand for backyard patios and fire pits worry that an immigration raid that rounded up over 100 people last week will make it even tougher to persuade Congress to allow more foreign workers into America for seasonal jobs.Owners of landscaping companies near Tuesday’s sting in the Lake Erie resort city of Sandusky and nearby Castalia, which targeted workers with forged documents in one of the largest actions at a workplace in recent years, said it sent a shiver of apprehension through their industry."

If the Trump administration conducts raids on farms and dairies, we can expect similar concerns to be expressed.


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