Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"I Didn't Think We Were Prepared for this Level of Cruelty"

The Chronicle of Higher Education covers how law school immigration clinics have responded to the attacks on immigrants  *under the current political climate. The article profiles clinical professor Elissa Steglich (University of Texas Law), who supplied the quote above; the University of Pittsburgh Law's Sheila Velez Martinez; and Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights attorney Elizabeth Frankel (University of Chicago). 

The article certainly echoes the reality, based on conversations I've seen at conferences, list-servs, and informal gatherings, professor and attorneys teaching in immigration clinics are witnessing intensity at every level, from community demands to client needs to the urgency surrounding broader advocacy in immigration. For law students, this is a historic time at which to take advantage of the opportunity to enroll in an immigration clinic if offered by the law school. The opportunity to make a tremendous impact, as well as to engage critically in what it means to be a lawyer and a social justice advocate, is available through such clinics.



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