Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Call For Papers: “Immigration Law Values”

The Section on Immigration Law of the Association of American Law Schools invites papers for presentation at its principal session during the 2019 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, which will take place January 2-6, 2019. This session has been scheduled for Saturday, January 5, 2019, at 10:30am. Please note that individuals presenting at the program are responsible for their own Annual Meeting registration fee and travel expenses.

The session theme is “Immigration Law Values.” The values implicated by immigration law are complex and difficult to define. This program will identify the fundamental values of contemporary immigration law and policy and examine immigration law values past, present, and future. The United States has long proclaimed to be a “nation of immigrants,” but immigration law and policy have always sent conflicting signals. While welcoming and valuing immigrants, the United States used a racially-based immigration policy until the 1950s. While overseeing a robust legal immigration system, Congress vastly expanded the categories of individuals potentially subject to expulsion and otherwise increased the harshness of the removal system in the 1990s. While immigration law has operated since the 19th century under constitutional principles that formally purport to give Congress sweeping power it does not have in most other contexts, courts have often flinched from giving full effect to those doctrinal principles.

The Trump presidency’s immigration agenda has sought to comprehensively dismantle mechanisms that welcome, value, and integrate immigrants in favor of a stance that more unequivocally insists that the United States does not, in fact, welcome or value immigrants at all. The administration’s actions call into question basic principles that many have believed to have long since been resolved and settled. For example, the Trump presidency’s discriminatory executive order banning the entry of millions of Muslims into the United States knocks off balance a long-accepted principle that immigration law should not discriminate on the basis of race or religion.

In addition to examining immigration values past and present, the program will explore whether there are values that might not currently be understood as settled principles in contemporary immigration law that should be. For example, is immigration law immoral if it causes or results in the separation of families? Does immigration adjudication in its current configuration fail to meet basic norms of fairness? What would make contemporary immigration law closer to realizing immigration ideals?

Submission Guidelines: The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2018. We welcome submissions at any stage of development, although preference may be given to more fully developed papers over abstracts and paper proposals. Priority also will be given to individuals who have not recently presented a paper at the AALS Annual Meeting. Decisions will be made by mid-September 2018.

Please email submissions in Microsoft Word format to AALS2019ImmigrationLaw@kalhan.com (Subject: AALS 2019: Immigration Law Values). In your email, please indicate whether you have previously presented your work at the AALS Annual Meeting, and if so when.

Inquiries: Please direct any questions or inquiries to Anil Kalhan (anil.kalhan@drexel.edu) and Jill Family (jefamily@widener.edu).



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