Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Call For Papers: “Civil Rights, Liberty, and Immigration Control”

The Section on Immigration Law and Section on Civil Rights of the Association of American Law Schools invites papers for presentation at their cosponsored session during the 2019 AALS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA, which will take place January 2-6, 2019. This session has been scheduled for Sunday, January 6, 2019, at 10:30am. Please note that individuals presenting at the program are responsible for their own Annual Meeting registration fee and travel expenses.

The session theme is “Civil Rights, Liberty, and Immigration Control.” Recent events have highlighted the frequent conflict between individual liberty interests and the government’s migration control policies. The executive order banning the entry of Muslims into the United States has impinged on religious liberty, freedom to travel and the liberty interest in family. General heightened border security has undercut citizens’ liberty interest in family—particularly when the family members of U.S. citizens have been barred on nebulous or unspecified "security" rationales. Immigration detention, now greatly expanded, curtails bodily liberty. The recent detention of and denial of abortion access to noncitizen minors in government custody implicate overlapping liberty interests.

We seek papers that explore the doctrinal, practical and theoretical issues that arise at the crossroads of liberty and migration control. Papers might, for example, explore evolving constitutional conceptions of liberty, evaluate the exercise of plenary powers as it affects individuals’ liberty interests, or otherwise critically analyze how courts are assessing and weighing individual liberty interests in cases involving migration control.

Submission Guidelines: The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2018. We welcome submissions at any stage of development, although preference may be given to more fully developed papers over abstracts and paper proposals. Priority also will be given to individuals who have not recently presented a paper at the AALS Annual Meeting. Decisions will be made by mid-September 2018.

Please email submissions in Microsoft Word format to AALS2019ImmigrationLaw@kalhan.com (Subject: AALS 2019: Civil Rights, Liberty, and Immigration Control). In your email, please indicate whether you have previously presented your work at the AALS Annual Meeting.

Inquiries: Please direct any questions or inquiries to Kristina Campbell (kcampbell@udc.edu) and Jennifer Chacón (jchacon@law.uci.edu).



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