Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Roseanne Takes on Islamaphobia, Immigration


 No stranger to controversy, Roseanne Barr takes on the tough topic of immigration and Islamophobia in a recent episode of the television sitcom "Roseanne." Access reports.

In the same episode, Roseanne, according to columnist Ruben Naverette, tool a cheap shot at "illegals":

"The episode last week confronted Islamophobia. Dan — played by John Goodman — tells his wife not to worry about the Muslim-American family across the street because, he says, “they’re probably just regular folks who want to make a home here.” 

What the Conners really need to worry about, it turns out, are those dreaded “illegals.” 

Dan, a contractor, is surprised to learn that he lost a bid to spread drywall in rentals for a regular client. “We work for union minimum,” Dan says. “No one is going to beat that.” 

Someone did. So Dan speculates that his competitor “must be going non-union.” Then, he asks the client: “You’re not hiring illegals?”

We never learn the answer. But the story moves along with the assumption that illegal immigrants are the reason that the Conners can’t pay their bills.  

Dan blames the immigrants who "are so desperate they’ll work for nothing, and we’re getting screwed in the process.” Meanwhile, Roseanne insists the real villain in this drama is the client, who is “taking advantage” of cheap labor."


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