Friday, April 20, 2018

USA Today Special Report: The US/Mexico Border


USA Today has a pretty cool multimedia (video, audio, text, virtual reality, and more) special report on the US/Mexico border.  Here is the first video, which focuses on the many deaths in the border region.  It is heartbreaking to watch:

A USA TODAY NETWORK special report

A 2,000-mile search for answers

“Build the Wall.” Three words energized a campaign.

But could it be done? What would it cost? What would it accomplish? Our search for answers became this, a landmark new report, “The Wall.”

The task was massive. We flew the entire border, drove it too. More than 30 reporters and photographers interviewed migrants, farmers, families, tribal members — even a human smuggler. We joined Border Patrol agents on the ground, in a tunnel, at sea. We patrolled with vigilantes, walked the line with ranchers. We scoured government maps, fought for property records.

In this report, you can watch aerial video of every foot of the border, explore every piece of fence, even stand at the border in virtual reality. Still, breakthrough technology would mean nothing if it didn’t help us better understand the issues — and one another.

Keep scrolling for all the news on what we found. Or simply start exploring, right here. Should we build a wall? We invite you to learn, discuss, debate and decide.

Choose your journey

6 ways to explore ‘The Wall’

Interactive Map (infinite exploration): See every foot of the border in aerial video, with our reporting team as your guide. Examine every piece of border fence as it stood in summer 2017, and see how much border remains open. Explore the issues of “The Wall” through video stories and 360-degree video.


(4-10 minutes each)

Watch our series of documentaries from the shadows of the wall. Meet those most impacted.

The Flight

(20 minutes)

Join us as we travel the entire border to answer: Can a wall be built? Should it be built? At what cost?


(6-12 minutes each)

Discover the unknown stories of the border. Hear from ranchers, vigilantes, migrants and more.

(12-20 minutes each)

Listen as our team shares what we went through to tell these stories.

Virtual Reality

Explore the series on the Vive VR system.





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