Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Japanese Immigration Detainees Launch Hunger Strike Over Death


Reuters reports that immigrants held in a Japanese immigration detention center have gone on a hunger strike over the death of a detainee. An Indian man died in an apparent suicide last week at the East Japan Immigration Centre, northwest of Tokyo. Activists have said the man killed himself a day after being denied release.

Detainees began refusing food over the weekend, with the strike since spreading to an unspecified number of inmates,

The death was the 14th at a Japanese immigration detention center since 2006, a toll that has led to wide criticism over standards of medical care, the monitoring of detainees held in solitary and guards' responses to medical emergencies.

As Reuters describes, "Immigration remains a prickly subject in Japan, where cultural and ethnic homogeneity remain deeply rooted even as the population shrinks and companies grapple with the worst labor shortages for more than four decades."



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