Saturday, February 3, 2018

Leveraging The Power of Student Groups


For podium immprofs, covering everything of interest in the basic Immigration Law course can be a challenge. It's a struggle to find the right balance between depth and breadth.

Student groups can help. At the University of North Dakota School of Law, I worked with the Immigration Law Students Association (ILSA) to arrange two events that complement the podium Immigration Law course. In January, two agents from Border Patrol came and spoke with students about their work in the Grand Forks Sector. Next week, ILSA will be touring the Grand Forks County Correctional Facility, which is the immigration detention facility for this area.

Immprof Rose Cuison Villazor leveraged the power of Columbia Law School's Society for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, American Constitution Society, and ACLU Chapter, as well as Columbia's Business School to arrange different lunch-and-learn events over the course of the Fall semester. These events covered President Trump's travel ban, DACA, and sanctuary cities.

For immprofs who want to include guest speakers or field trips, but who simply don't have the time to include them during scheduled class time, working with student groups at your institution may be a way to increase educational opportunities.


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