Monday, November 6, 2017

Shameless and Immigration Raids as Comedic Foils in the Trump Era



For you pop culture watchers, last night was the season premiere of the Showtime show "Shameless," which is in fact shameless.  Immigration -- and Immigration and Customs Enforcement --  featured prominently in the opening episode.  First, there is a raid at the restaurant where Fiona works with the cooks and dishwashers fleeing the workplace.  Later, one of the main characters, the ever-popular "V" attempts to get her bar back from Svetlana, an immigrant from Russia, by having her arrested by telling ICE officers that the bar owner is the ringleader of a Russian human-trafficking and prostitution ring.  Such serious allegations were the only thing that got ICE's attention.  The next thing you know, ICE raids the bar.  V feels triumphant and Svetlana faces likely removal from the United States.  


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