Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fear of Trump crackdown haunts undocumented immigrants


Matt Vizer of the Boston Globe vividly describes the fear instilled in immigrant commuunities by President Trump's immigration enforcement policies.  The beginning paragraphs of the article:

"The crying starts when Anayeli Cruz talks about the new troubles in her life, the impact on her US-born children, about the changes in the country she has called home for 12 years.

When the sobs come, as they often do, her 2-year-old daughter climbs into her lap and tries to wipe away the tears.

Cruz attempts a smile, but her round, bubbly face crumples again as she describes details of her daily struggles: Fearful of who might call authorities and report her as an undocumented immigrant, she forbade her kids from trick-or-treating for Halloween. She tells the children they must play on the backyard swing set instead of at the public playground. She denied her son a birthday party because, as she put it, “You never know what can happen.”

It appears almost irrational from the outside, but the 28-year-old Mexican immigrant’s fear is undeniable. She is afraid of certain neighbors. She is afraid to leave her home. She is afraid, above all, of President Trump and his immigration crackdown."

News stories like these have become all-too-common (here, here, here).


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