Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Immigration Casebook: Immigration and Social Justice by Bill Ong Hing, Jennifer Chacón, and Kevin R. Johnson


A wonderful surprise came in the mail today.  My first copies of a new immigration casebook!

Immigration Law and Social Justice

Immigration Law and Social Justice by Bill O. Hing, Kevin R. Johnson, and Jennifer Chacon approaches immigration law and policy from a public interest perspective with a special emphasis on issues of social justice. Along with cases and statutory material, Immigration Law and Social Justice also employs a wide variety of materials from appellate cases, client examples, article excerpts, and hypotheticals. These materials not only provide the basic framework for immigration law, but also engage students with the greater social, political, and economic context necessary to understand the movement of immigrants to the United States, as well as the human impact of enforcement and administration of the immigration laws. 

This book is also offered in Kindle, Google Play, and VitalSource Bookshelf.

Key Features: 

  • Background on the social context of immigration law and its enforcement while engaged in a sophisticated examination of the technicalities of the relevant statutory and administrative law. 
  • Learning the relevant law with an eye toward potential advocacy, including litigation strategies. 
  • Allowing students to critically evaluate the mutually constitutive work of race and immigration law. 
  • Having contextual background to understand immigration and immigration enforcement. 
  • A unique focus on immigration and social justice, as well as public interest immigration lawyering. 




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