Friday, October 20, 2017

Immigration Law and Resistance Symposium; Live Blog Post Number 1


The UC Davis Law Review is holding its annual symposium today.  The topic is Immigration Law & Resistance.  I will be live blogging from the conference over the course of the day.  


Senior Symposium Editors Rebecca Friedemann and Bailey McCabe (whose parents were in attendance) welcomed the participants in the symposium.  Other members of the symposium committee included Eva Loney, Shera Kwak, Natalie Ochoa, and Lexi Smith, 

The first panel was The Future of DACA and Prosecutorial Discretion

  • Ashutosh Bhagwat, UC Davis School of Law, Moderator and Commentator
  • Jennifer Chacón, UC Irvine Law, “Citizenship and Alienation”.  Professor Chacon discussed her research, based on interviews with DACA recipeints, on the value of citizenship. 
  • Kevin Johnson, UC Davis School of Law, “The Future of DACA, the Future of Immigration Law.”  I presented a paper analyzing recent developments in immigration law, the rise and fall of DACA, and the possible future of immigration law.
  • Bill Hing, USF School of Law, “Beyond DACA.”  Professor Hing presented a provocative paper analyzing possible civil disobedience by employers who could employ DACA recipents who lose their employment authorization.
  • Rachel Ray, UC Immigrant Legal Services Center, “DACA on the Ground.”  Ray discussed the kinds of immigration matters handles by the Center  and the views of the clients of President Trump's immigration enforcement initiatives. 

As moderator, Professor Bhagwat asked challenging questions, including (1) what the panelists though the prospects were for Congress to pass immigration reform; and (2) what trade-offs would pro-immigrant supporters be willing to make to ensure the passage of reform.  Would one, for example, be willing to agree to extend the law along the US/Mexico border for a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants?



Professors Bill Hing and Ash Bhagwat



Professor Hing and Rachel Ray



Professor Chacon appeared by videoconference


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