Friday, October 20, 2017

Immigration Law and Resistance Symposium: Live Blog Post 2



SYMPOSIUM schedule

I am live blogging at the Immigration Law & Resistance symposium at UC Davis School of Law today.  The second panel was on The Economics of Immigration:

  • Shayak Sarkar, UC Davis School of Law, Moderator and Commentator
  • Howard Chang, University of Pennsylvania Law School, “The Economics of Immigration Reform.”  Professor Chang analyzed the negative economic impacts of the RAISE Act, which would reduce family visas, adopt a "merit" visa system, and cut legal immigration by one-half.
  • Giovanni Peri and Annie Hines, UC Davis Department of Economics, “Do Deportations Affect Local Economies?: Analyzing U.S. States 1992-2015.”  Professor Peri offered an economic analysis showing the lack of the economic benefits to U.S. citizens of increased deportation efforts.
  • Grace Chang, UC Santa Barbara, “Anti-Trafficking and Migrant Rights Movements: Whither the Connections?"  Professor Chang critically looks cat the criminalization of immigrant workers, with a particular focus on the recent tragedy in San Antonio with deaths of many migrants being trafficked.

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Professors Shayak Sarkar and Giovanni Peri



Professor Howard Chang


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