Monday, October 16, 2017

Austria, Too, Moves Right

Sebastian Kurz, photo Bundesministerium für Europa

Last month we talked about the alt-right's big wins in Germany (here, here).

Today it appears that Austria, too, is moving right.

Sebastian Kurz (just 31!) is poised to become Austria's new leader, the BBC reports. Kurz heads the People's Party, a conservative group. But he's likely to form a coalition government with Austria's Freedom Party, an anti-immigration group.

As the BBC reports:

Immigration was the dominant issue in the run-up to the vote, and Mr Kurz moved his party to the right in the wake of Europe's 2015 refugee crisis.

He appealed to conservative and right-wing voters with pledges to shut down migrant routes to Europe, cap benefit payments to refugees, and bar immigrants from receiving benefits until they have lived in Austria for five years.


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