Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Primer on the DACA Rescission By Adam Cox, Marty Lederman and Cristina Rodriguez

Check out this "Primer on the DACA Rescission" by Adam Cox, Marty Lederman and Cristina Rodriguez on Balkinization.  Here is an outline of the questions addressed in this post:

What Did DACA Do?

Why and How did the Trump DHS Rescind the DACA Program?

What Are the Effects of DHS’s DACA Rescission

How do the "Wind-Down" and the Six-Month “Window” Work?        

Can the Administration Revive DACA After March 5, 2018, as President Trump Has Insinuated It Might?

What Are the Prospects for the Litigation Challenging the DACA Rescission?


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