Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trump Response to World Refugee Crisis: Lower the Refugee Quota

From Human Rights Watch:

The White House today reported to Congress that it will lower the US refugee admissions program annual ceiling for fiscal year 2018 to 45,000. It is the lowest annual ceiling since the program was established in 1980 and comes as the world sees the highest ever number of refugees. President Barack Obama pledged that the US would resettle 110,000 refugees in 2018 when he addressed a refugee summit at the United Nations last year.

The following comment can be attributed to Bill Frelick, refugee rights director at Human Rights Watch:

“President Trump’s decision to lower the US refugee ceiling is an abdication of US leadership at a time of greatest need for the world’s refugees. This action not only cuts a lifeline for thousands of refugees, but sends a message to countries on the front line of the crisis, from Bangladesh to Lebanon to Kenya, that US pledges of support can no longer be trusted.”


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