Friday, September 15, 2017

Death Match 2017: Harvard Law Professor Versus Joe Arpaio






Last week, Harvard Law School Professor Andrew Crespo wrote an op-ed in The Boston Globe suggesting that a private attorney should be appointed to challenge the constitutionality of former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s pardon—a suggestion that has now been formally presented to the judge in Arpaio’s case. This week, Arpaio, through his attorney, threatened to sue Professor Crespo if I did not issue a retraction. Specifically, he asserts that the following sentence in the Globe piece is “false and misleading”.  Here is Professor Crespo's response on Lawfare..

You judge who is the victor in this war of words.  And why did Arpaio go after Crespo?  Many people have been critical of President Trump's pardon of Arpaio and have had harsh words for Arpaio's conduct.


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