Friday, August 25, 2017

Immigration Detention Syllabus


The #ImmigrationDetentionSyllabus is a sixteen-part series of readings and tools to support education, research, and action to dissect and dismantle the U.S. immigration detention system. The syllabus is organized by theme and curated by historian Tina Shull at Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC): 
2.              On History
3.              On Media
4.              On Race
5.              On Youth, Family, and LGBT Detention
6.              On Politics and Law
7.              On Health and Human Rights
8.              On Labor and Economics
9.              On Private Prisons
10.           On Raids and Policing
12.           On Deportation
13.           On Hate
15.           On Abolition
Shull says, “This set of materials is a powerful tool that brings together the best work on immigration detention in one place: scholarly and non-profit research, solutions-based journalism, organizing models and action plans, and multimedia stories projects featuring individuals and communities affected by the U.S. detention and deportation regime. Organized by theme, each part in the series can be utilized alone, or taken together as a whole to provide a complete view of the immigration detention system. The syllabus lives on CIVIC’s detention stories blog IMM Print and is meant to supplement the stories from detention we publish, providing context and support for further research and action.”

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