Wednesday, June 21, 2017

EOIR Position Openings for Immigration Judges - Closes June 29, 2017

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) has posted a number of Immigration Judge position openings, mostly in California and New York, specifically:  Adelanto (detained - 3), Los Angeles (4), New York City (8), Ulster County (1) and Oakdale, LA (1). 

The position description is pasted below:


If you are interested in a rewarding and challenging career, this is the position for you!

This position is in the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Office of the Chief Immigration Judge. The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) seeks highly-qualified individuals to join our team of expert professionals in becoming a part of our challenging and rewarding Agency. The primary mission of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) is to adjudicate immigration cases by fairly, expeditiously, and uniformly interpreting and administering the Nation's immigration laws. Under delegated authority from the Attorney General, EOIR conducts immigration court proceedings, appellate reviews, and administrative hearings.

EOIR consist of three adjudicatory components: the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, which is responsible for managing the numerous immigration courts located throughout the United States where immigration judges adjudicate individual cases; the Board of Immigration Appeals, which primarily conducts appellate reviews of the immigration judges' decisions; and the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer, which adjudicates immigration-related employment cases. EOIR is committed to providing the fair, expeditious, and uniform application of our Nation's immigration laws in all cases. EOIR's Headquarters is located in Falls Church, Virginia, about 10 miles from downtown Washington, DC.

Additional positions may be filled from this vacancy announcement.

 Additional positions may be filled from this vacancy announcement.


Immigration Judges preside in formal, quasi-judicial hearings.  Proceedings before Immigration Judges include but are not limited to deportation, exclusion, removal, rescission, and bond. Immigration Judges make decisions which are final unless formally appealed. In connection with these proceedings, Immigration Judges exercise certain discretionary powers as provided by law, and are required to exercise independent judgment in reaching final decisions. Immigration Judges may be required to conduct hearings in penal institutions and other remote locations.

Travel Required

  • 50% or Greater
  • Immigration Judge may be required to travel frequently, including weekends. (May include short detail assignments.)

Relocation Authorized

  • No

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