Friday, May 5, 2017

A Voice in the Wilderness? Texas House member’s challenge to anti-sanctuary law goes viral


As we have been reporting, the state of Texas passed an anti-sanctuary law. 

Julia Chang of the Austin0-American Statesman reports on a speech by Texas state Representative Gene Wu, a Chinese-American immigrant and three-term Democrat, which has gone viral.  The impassioned speech last week was on the House floor against Senate Bill 4, known as the sanctuary cities bill. The bill was passed in the House and Senate and is headed to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk, would impose stiff penalties on cities and counties that decline in some way to assist federal immigration enforcement.

Footage of Wu's speech has gone viral — one video has garnered more than 8 million views on Facebook — as he pleaded to his colleagues to vote against the bill, asking for compassion for all immigrants. Wu said that footage of his speech has become so popular because many are outraged over what he called anti-immigration rhetoric nationally and recent federal immigration raids in Texas and elsewhere.

Hat tip to my colleague Cappy White.


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