Friday, March 31, 2017

UC law students pitch in to help immigrants assert their rights


Credit: Photo courtesy Chris Homandberg.  Protesters at Los Angeles International Airport after a Jan. 27 executive order limited travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

Needless to say, I am proud of all UC law students who have taken up the challenge of helping immigrants in a time of great need.

On a recent Saturday morning (when most people are relaxing) at the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento, dozens of UC Davis law students turned out to offer free legal assistance to throngs of anxious immigrants.

They helped some file papers for U.S. citizenship, and assisted others with designating authorized caregivers for their children, should they be deported.

Put together by UC Davis law students in conjunction with the Mexican Consulate and California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, the clinic is just one of the ways in which UC law students have stepped up in recent weeks to help meet a surging demand for legal services.

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