Friday, March 24, 2017

Source: ICE is targeting 'sanctuary cities' with raids


In a January 25 executive order, President Trump threatened to defund "sanctuary cities," cities that go undefined in the order but are generally thought of as not fully cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.  Now, there is a troubling report about the targeting of "sanctuary cities" for immigration enforcement. 

Consistent with other reports, CNN reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been targeting so-called "sanctuary cities" with increased enforcement operations in an effort to pressure those jurisdictions to cooperate with federal immigration agents.  This is what a senior US immigration official with direct knowledge of ongoing ICE actions told CNN.

A sanctuary city is a broad term applied to states, cities and/or counties that have policies in place designed to limit cooperation or involvement in the enforcement of federal immigration operations. More than 100 US jurisdictions -- among them New York, Los Angeles and Chicago -- identify as such.
High-ranking ICE officials have discussed in internal meetings carrying out more raids on those locations, said the source.

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