Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Germany Set To Deport German-Born Terror Suspects

"Germany says it will deport two men born in the country but whose parents are foreign - the first such case in German history," begins the BBC coverage.

The two men - one Algerian and one Nigerian -- were arrested on suspicion of terrorism after police found a gun and an ISIS flag in their homes. While they were not charged with any crime, the police described the men as "dangerous."

Germany agrees. It plans to deport them within the next month and subject them to a life-time ban on reentry.

What's fascinating is that both men were born in Germany. And birth on German soil can lead to German citizenship. Unlike in the US - birth on German soil doesn't automatically confer citizenship; it matters whether a parent has a residence permit and made Germany their "habitual abode" for eight years. 

This is new territory for Germany. And it has the potential to have far-ranging implications.


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