Friday, February 17, 2017

Fearing deportation, undocumented mother seeks refuge in Denver church



Hans Meyer, the lawyer for Jeanette Vizguerra, addresses supporters and the news media as Vizguerra seeks sanctuary at First Unitarian Society in Denver on Feb. 15. (Marc Piscotty / Getty Images).  Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

The world is watching Jeanette Vizguerra, who is now living a life of sanctuary in a church basement in Denver to avoid deportation.  Seeking sanctuary in a church, a tradition dating to the middle ages, has been accepted in America for generations, with government officials, in most instances, honoring the practice.  President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement promises and recent raids and roundups around the country have immigrants frightened and concerned

"We really have no idea what to expect from ICE this time around,” said the Rev. Mike Moran of the First Unitarian Society of Denver.  Moran’s church is Vizguerra’s sanctuary. The same church also gave sanctuary to Arturo Hernandez Garcia in 2014.


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