Monday, January 23, 2017

Senior Obama Administration Official: DACA holders w/crim records, prior orders likely to face removal

As Franco Ordonez of McClatchy DC reports, Leon Fresco, a former senior official in the Obama Administration believes that DACA holders -- particularly those with minor criminal records or prior orders of removal -- will be swept up in the immigration enforcement efforts that are all but guaranteed to take place under the new DHS.  Many individuals with DACA were barred from receiving the benefits of deferred action due to criminal records that fell under the former Administration's definition of a "significant misdemeanor," three "non-significant misdemeanors," or national and public safety concerns. A number of DACA holders have thus been arrested, convicted of extremely minor crimes, or have been found to have engaged in immigration law violations.  The government now has their personal information as well as information about their records. Stated Fresco:  “DACA kids will in the very near future, in a matter of weeks, be apprehended as part of these sweeps of unexecuted orders of removal."


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