Thursday, January 26, 2017

Commentary on President Trump's Immigration Executive Orders

Law 360 (subscription required) has some commentary on Presudent Trump's immigration executive orders, including some quotes from Professors Steve Legomsky and Amanda Frost. Seung Min Kim on Politico has a nice summary of the orders and the challenges that they might encouter, including litigation and funding challenges. The New York Times  coverage of the orders is informative.  As the Washington Post reports, a number of cities -- and the state of California -- have threatened to resist any efforts by the U.S. government to halt funding to "sanctuary cities" under one of the executive orders.  

For a sampling of criticism of the immigration orders, see

Human Rights Watch


National Immigration Law Center


Los Angeles Times Editorial Board (Border security is important, but Trump’s wall plan is as hare-brained as they come)

American Immigration Lawyers Association

It does appear that construction of the US/Mexico border wall will continue.  CNN has some pictures of the current barriers along the border.



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I never understood the reasoning behind sanctuary cities. Shouldn't the entire country be a "sanctuary country"? I think it's unfair to immigrants who don't have the opportunity to go to sanctuary cities. They too should be protected.

Posted by: Reed James | Jan 26, 2017 8:37:51 AM

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