Sunday, November 13, 2016

US To Take (Some) Australian-Bound Refugees


Australia has been struggling to find solutions for its off-shore detention of inbound refugees. The country has been primarily warehousing refugees at two locations outside of Australia: Manus Island on Papua New Guinea and Nauru, an independent island nation. But the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court declared the Manus Island facility unconstitutional in April, and Nauru has be plagued with allegations of abuse.

Australia has been looking for alternative solutions for these refugees, while adamantly maintaining that they "will not be settled in Australia."

Today we learned that the United States is going to provide a one-time solution. The US has agreed to screen the refugees and resettle "the most vulnerable" in our country. The US will prioritize resettlement of women, children and families, who largely hail from the Middle East (Iran and Afghanistan) and South Asia.

Stay tuned to find out how the president-elect may react to this announcement.


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