Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Many Foreign-Born Justices Have Served on on the Supreme Court?


Joe Patrice on Above theLaw provides this trivia.  Six foreign born Justices have served on the Supreme Court.

Four were born in the United Kingdom — and as you might expect, most of these justices served early in American history.

1.  James Wilson and 2.  James Iredell were both original justices born in Scotland and England respectively.

3.  William Paterson, born in Northern Ireland, joined the Court in 1793.

4.  George Sutherland was also born in 1862 in the UK before ultimately settling in Utah.


5.  David Brewer was born in Turkey — technically the Ottoman Empire — in 1837.

6.  Felix Frankfurter was born in Vienna, Austria — Austria-Hungary at the time — in 1882.


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