Monday, August 22, 2016

Law and Society Call for Papers

Call for Papers: Due Friday September 30 (for CRN 2); Due October 18 (for LSA)

The Law and Society Collaborative Research Network on Citizenship and Immigration seeks submissions for the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting Mexico City, Mexico, June 20 - 23, 2017.

You are invited to participate in the panels sponsored by the Citizenship and Immigration Collaborative Research Network at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in 2017. The Citizenship and Immigration CRN seeks to bring together law and society scholars across a range of fields who are interested in immigration, broadly defined. In past years, we have been one of the largest and most prolific CRNs. Information about the Law and Society meeting is available here.

This year’s meeting is unique in that it brings us to the Global South, and invites us to explore the theme Walls, Borders, and Bridges: Law and Society in an Inter-Connected World. The locale and theme are particularly relevant to our CRN. We are interested in proposals that explore immigration both in the US and abroad, with a special interest in sessions engaging cross-border activities and migration in the Global South. All stages of production are welcome, as are papers from multiple disciplines and career stages – indeed, we encourage you to pair graduate students and junior faculty with senior faculty on panels. We are also interested in papers that will permit us to collaborate with other CRNs, such as the Critical Research on Race and the Law CRN, Feminist Legal Theory CRN, and other sections.

PANEL PROPOSALS: We strongly encourage you to submit completed panels and to affiliate them with the CRN during submission. A completed panel requires 4-6 papers, a chair, and a discussant (can be the same person). Completed panels tend to be the most coherent and have the best chance of being accepted by LSA. Associating your session with the CRN helps to avoid scheduling conflicts and builds interest across sessions through the linking of related topics. You might find it helpful to use the CRN email list to solicit participants and self-organize in the weeks leading up to the submission deadlines (

  • The duty of the presenter is to submit a paper approximately one month prior to the panel and to make a presentation at the conference. Papers must be in English, though presentations may be in Spanish given the international aspect of this year’s conference and Mexico City locale.
  • The duties of chairs are to organize the panel logistically; including registering it online with the LSA, and moderating the panel. Chairs will develop a 100-250 word description for the session and submit the session proposal to LSA before their deadline of October 18. This will ensure that each panelist can submit their proposal, using the panel number assigned.
  • The duties of discussants are to read the papers assigned to them and to prepare a short commentary about the papers that discusses them individually and perhaps collectively.

INDIVIDUAL PAPER PROPOSALS: If you prefer to submit individual papers to the CRN, the Planning Committee will help you to group individual papers into panels based on subject. You can submit individual papers to LSA writ large, though again it is advantageous to submit as a CRN panel.

  • Following the LSA format, we will also assign a chair and one or two commentators/discussants for each panel.
  • In exchange for participating as a panelist, we urge you to consider serving as a chair and/or commentator/discussant for another panel or participant. If willing, please let us know of your areas of expertise and topic preferences.

OTHER FORMATS. In addition to the paper and panel format, we can also use some of the other formats that the LSA provides: the author meets readers sessions for books published in 2016 (multiple formats available, including the very successful CRN New Book Session to supplement the competitive solo-AMR session and salon-style AMR session option), salon paper session (2-3 participants, 1 facilitator), or roundtable discussion (4-8 participants, 1 chair). If you have an idea that you think would work well in one of these formats, please let us know. Please note that for roundtables, organizers are now required to provide a 500-word summary of the topic and the contributions they expect the proposed participants to make.

Please note before making commitments to join a session that LSA rules limit you to participating only once as a paper panelist or roundtable participant. The CRN New Book Session does not count against your program participation. See LSA submissions guidelines for more details on this important rule.

CRN SUBMISSION DETAILS: Please send your proposal to the Citizenship and Immigration CRN Planning Committee (Ming Hsu Chen, Shannon Gleeson, Miranda Hallett – emails below):

  • An 1000 word abstract or summary,
  • Your name and a panel or paper title
  • Names of other interested participants and/or papers (if any)
  • A list of your areas of interest and expertise within immigration and citizenship

LSA SUBMISSION DETAILS: For more details about LSA proposals generally, click here.

Please submit all CRN proposals by Friday, September 30. This will permit us to organize panels and submit them prior to the LSA’s anticipated deadline of October 18. In the past, we have accommodated as many panelists as possible. If we are unable to accept your proposal for the CRN, we will notify you ASAP so that you can submit an independent proposal to LSA.

2016-17 LSA Citizenship and Immigration CRN 2 Planning Committee

Ming Hsu Chen, University of Colorado Law School and Political Science Department (

Shannon Gleeson, Cornell Department of Labor Relations, Law, and History and Sociology (

Miranda Hallett, University of Dayton Sociology (


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