Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2014 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: Asylum Statistics


Jennifer Koh posted a link to the 2014 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, which was recently released by the Department of Homeland Security.    I have been posting on various statistics and have highlighted data in the 2014 Yearbook that I find interesting. 

So far, I have offered some data and thoughts on removals, lawful immigrants, and refugees.  This post is on asylum statistics.

The overseas refugee program allows noncitizens who fear persecution to seek admission into the United States as a refugee.  The President, in consultation with Congress, establishes annual numbers for refugee admissions.  The immigration laws also allow noncitizens in the United States who fear persecution if returned to their native country to be granted asylum in the United States.

Applicants can file affirmative applications for asylum with an Asylum Officer before any removal proceedings are filed.  Alternatively, a noncitizen may file defensively for asylum in attempting to defend against removal in a removal proceeding.


Asylum Grants            Affirmative            Defensive        Total

2010                                     11,209                            8,519                   19,728                          

2011                                      13,398                            10,137                 23,535 

2012                                       17,499                            10,715                28,115

2013                                       15,155                                9,945               25,100

2014                                        14,758                                8,775             23,533

Page 43 (Table 16)

China appeared to be the country with the most successful affirmative and defensive asylum applications.



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