Sunday, June 12, 2016

House Republicans Continue Battle with Library of Congress Over "Illegal Aliens" Terminology: Go Librarians!


Uriel J. Garcia of  The New Mexican reports on the continuing fracas, previously reported on ImmigrationProf, between House of Republicans and the Library of Congress, which seeks to avoid using the term "aliens" and "illegal aliens."  U.S. Representative Ben Ray Luján (D-NM), has joined a group of Hispanic Democrats in a battle against congressional Republicans who want the Library of Congress to use the term “illegal aliens” when referring to undocumented immigrants. The Library of Congress in March proposed to stop using the words “alien” and “illegal aliens” in its subject headings. Its staff proposed to replace them with words such as noncitizens or unauthorized immigrants. But Republicans in the House of Representatives added language to a pending budget bill that would mandate continued use of the terms. In a debate last Thursday on the House floor, Representative Tom Graves (R-GA), said his proposal is not meant to demean anyone but to keep the library consistent with American immigration law, which he (mistakenly) claims refers to undocumented immigrants as "illegal aliens."


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