Friday, May 20, 2016

Judge Rebukes Justice Department for "Bad Faith" in U.S. v. Texas


As covered by LEXISNEXIS Immigration Law Legal Newsroom, U.S. district court judge Andrew Hanen  ripped U.S. Department of Justice attorneys Thursday for being "intentionally deceptive" about deportation deferrals in a lawsuit challenging the November 2014 expanded deferred action programs.  House executive actions on immigration and ordered dozens of government.  In a 26-page opinion and order, Judge Hanen, who issued the initial injunction against the implementation of the  programs, stated that the Justice Department had engaged in "unethical conduct" and had made misrepresentations to the court.  Read th eorder for yourself at  Download TexasOrder (4)

Lyle Denniston on SCOTUSBlog summarizes Judge Hanen's order here.  Among other aspects of the order, Denniston highlights that "[t]he judge conceded that he did not have the authority to disbar the lawyers involved, but he asserted that he did have the authority to revoke the temporary permission he had given them to appear in his court.  He said he had done the latter in a separate order, which is still under seal." 

Orin Kerr comments on Judge Hanen's order on the Volokh Conspiracy ("A puzzling order by Judge Hanen in the DAPA immigration case").


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