Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Manus Island Detention Held Unconstitutional

Manus Island regional processing facility,
photo by DIBP images

This week, the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court held that Australia's detention of asylum seekers on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island is unconstitutional. Specifically, the court held that detention "breached the constitutional right to freedom" for the hundreds of detainees at the facility, the WSJ reports.

In the wake of this decision, Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter OP'Neill requested that the Australian government "make alternative arrangements" for the detainees.

Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton responded by saying "people who have attempted to come illegally by boat to Australia and who are now in the Manus facility will not be settled in Australia."

Just where detainees will be resettled is not yet known. "Options include moving them to Nauru or to a purpose-built detention center on Australia’s Christmas Island, about 1,600 miles off the country’s northwest coast."


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