Friday, April 29, 2016

Inside A Georgia Immigration Court, One Man Fights To Stay With His Family


Caitlin Dickerson of NPR offers insights into the goings-on of immigration court.  Thousands of immigrants go through the Lumpkin, Ga., immigration court yearly. More than 97 percent of them lose and are deported. NPR follows the case of one man whose lawyer thinks he has a shot at winning.

The case involves Shawn, who came to the U.S. legally from Guyana in South America when he was 10. He grew up in New York City, married his high school sweetheart. He has three kids, and in 2005, they moved the family to a suburb of Atlanta. Shawn was arrested at home in 2011. He had four ounces of marijuana, two digital scales and plastic baggies. Shawn says he smoked weed but he didn't sell it, but he was convicted of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He went to jail for a year and a half, and that conviction makes him a priority for deportation. 

Shawn ultimately lost in immigration court and lost an appeal.  He faces removal from the UNited States to a country he has not lived in for many years.


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