Friday, April 15, 2016

Immigration Clinics at the End of the Year/Semester

As the end of the academic year comes closer for those of us in law teaching, I wanted to send well wishes and words of appreciation to the professors, attorneys, and students representing clients and working on advocacy projects in immigration clinics across the country.  For many of us, the end of the academic semester and year means that applications for affirmative relief are being filed; court hearings for asylum, cancellation of removal, and other relief applications are taking place; clinic students are reflecting on how their relationships with their clients have taught them how to become attorneys; and clinical supervisors are reflecting on how much their students have grown.  Many clinic students around the country are experiencing case victories.  Others may be facing denials, and through those outcomes are confronting specific examples of the structural deficiencies in the immigration laws and in immigration adjudication.  As an immigration clinician myself, one of the many benefits of the job is the privilege of being part of a national community of other immigration law professors committed to advocating for noncitizens while training the next generation of attorneys. 


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