Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Symposium on "Childhood Arrivals and Their American Dreams"

The UC Davis School of Law Journal of Juvenile Law & Policy will be holding a Symposium on "Childhood Arrivals and Their American Dreams" on Friday, March 4.

Record numbers of women and children are arriving from Latin American countries seeking asylum to escape from the violence in their home communities. Millions of refuges are trying to escape the war torn areas of Africa and the Middle East. The world as a whole is struggling to meet the demand for assistance. What happens to the children caught up in this turmoil? This symposium addresses the impact of the refugee crises on children who make it to the United States.

We begin by analyzing the scope of the refugee crises around the world and their impact in the United States. Next, we discuss the state of human trafficking of childhood arrivals to this country, with a focus on California problems. We then spend the afternoon discussing the rights of these children once they arrive, and the many challenges they face from the criminal justice and immigration systems.




Welcome Remarks

Justice Cruz Reynoso, UC Davis School of Law

Opening Remarks

Professor Jasmine E. Harris, UC Davis School of Law

9:30a.m. Panel 1
"Scope of the Refugee Crises"

Brian Soucek (moderator), UC Davis School of Law
Kate Jastram, UC Berkeley School of Law
Carrie Rosenbaum, Golden Gate University
Rachel Prandini, Immigrant Legal Resource Center


10:45a.m. Panel 2
"Trafficking of Children"

Rose Cuison Villazor (moderator), UC Davis School of Law
Maggy Krell, Deputy Attorney General, State of California, Human Trafficking Coordinator
Gena Castro Rodriguez, San Francisco District Attorney's Office
Deborah Ortiz, Opening Doors, Inc.


Keynote Address

Ariana Flores, Unaccompanied Minor Service Specialist, Oakland Unified School District 
Introduced by Kevin R. Johnson, Dean, UC Davis School of Law


1:15p.m. Panel 3
"Ensuring Their Rights in the United States"

Kristina McKibben (moderator), McKibben Law, Inc., California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
Annie Lai, UC Irvine School of Law
Karen Musalo, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, UC Hastings School of Law
Rachel Ray, UC Davis Immigration Law Clinic & UC Davis Undocumented Legal Services Center


2:30p.m. Panel 4
"Legal Challenges Yet to Overcome"

Jack Chin (moderator), UC Davis School of Law
Holly Cooper, UC Davis School of Law
Michael Sorgen, La Raza Centro
Kevin Lapp, Loyola Law School
Jennifer Chacon, UC Irvine School of Law 

3:45p.m.  Reception


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