Thursday, February 25, 2016

Open Seat on the Board of Immigration Appeals

The Board of Immigration Appeals is looking for a new member. According to the USAJobs listing, the prospective Board member should be a U.S. citizen, a licensed attorney with at least 7 years experience, and:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the field of immigration law, including the Immigration and Nationality Act, regulations, and administrative and judicial case law, or the proven ability to become fully knowledgeable about a complex field of the law and to apply that knowledge to specific cases;
  • Excellent analytical, decision-making, and writing abilities;
  • Proven ability to manage cases; and
  • Proven ability or potential to serve as an effective and collegial decision-maker while dealing with a large caseload.

That sounds like you!

In all seriousness, this is an amazing opportunity for an immprof out there to have a key role in shaping the interpretation of immigration law. And shaping it in a way that sticks, thanks to Chevron deference.

Applications are due by March 18. So dust off that resume, start writing your supplemental statement, gather your most recent performance evaluation, and line up some letters of recommendation. You got this.


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