Friday, February 12, 2016

Complete List to Contributions to SCOTUSBlog On-Line Symposium on United States v. Texas

Here is a complete list to the SCOTUSBlog On-Line Symposium on United States v. Texas.  I must admit that I found the title to John Eastman's contribution to be WAY over the top.

Date Author Post Title
02.11.16 Symposium: Barack Obama is not king
02.11.16 Symposium: United States v. Texas – The road to perpetual immigration gridlock?
02.10.16 Symposium: Back to immigration basics – Why the DAPA/DACA case is simpler than it seems
02.10.16 Symposium: The government’s violation of the APA’s notice-and-comment requirements provides a simple solution to a thorny case
02.09.16 Symposium: Why it’s time to unfreeze DAPA
02.09.16 Symposium: Why United States v. Texas is the most important case the Court will decide this year
02.08.16 Symposium: Unable to show harm, can Texas employ the Court as a political referee?
02.08.16 Symposium: Constitutional limits of presidential power – changing the law or enforcing it
02.05.16 The immigration case, made simple

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